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Posted 18 June 2002
Stick to paint not pets

Comments by Focus staff relating to the sale of rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and hamsters


"We still actually ordering animals as normal. The only thing that we're not having in at the moment is birds. We've got no idea when we'll actually be closing... As far as we're concerned it's gonna be the end of this year, or next year."
(Conducted May 16)

Kings Lynn

"We're still ordering at the moment. I think it's probably the middle of July, end of July that we're actually closing. We're always getting deliveries in at the moment because they're going quite fast."
(Conducted May 21)


"We were on a contract - it was meant to run out in the next couple of months. But we've actually been contracted now for another two years to sell livestock so we will have them (rats) in."
(Conducted May 21)


"We will be selling them (rabbits) for as long as I know about. At the moment it tends to be every fortnight so long as the supplier obviously has the rabbits to give us."
(Conducted May 21)


"At the moment we've got one (rabbit) but we have them on a weekly basis."
(Conducted May 21)


"We're not going to be selling 'em (guinea pigs) for much longer but I can't guarantee you when it's gonna be that we stop selling animals. Apparently, it's not gonna be for probably a good few months or so yet, we're still gonna be getting them in for a while yet. It's birds we're not getting in. We'll be getting a delivery next week of some description and then probably two weeks after that, and then two weeks after that."
(Conducted May 21)


"We are stopping selling animals. We're only having the fish plus all the stock but on the livestock side of things it will be about July…it all really depends on how many animals we've got, I mean if we have loads of animals by the end date then probably what we'll do we'll just carry on selling them until they completely get sold. I don't know what that deadline is but that's what I've been told... We won't be getting any animals for another two or three weeks because we've got quite a few there."
(Conducted May 16)

Market Harborough

"To be honest, it is in the pipeline that we are actually discontinuing selling small animals but that could be up to the next year."
(Conducted May 21)

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