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SCHOOL SPEAKERS - We need you!

Posted 1 April 2002
A school speaker

'Informed and passionate' - this is how a teacher described a recent talk on animal experiments given by our Education Officer, Ann Harriman.

Ann has had a very hectic time arranging over 100 talks as a result of a recent mailout. Although Ann has given a third of the talks herself, she also relies heavily on our Speakers Network, and tells us that this magnificent group of volunteers has responded superbly to the challenge of taking the message in to schools.

Ann also says that she is shocked by the ignorance of many young people about animal experiments.

"Too many know hardly anything about this issue," she says, "even though it touches every aspect of their lives. A common assumption is that it's just a few rats used in experiments to save human lives, so they're not concerned. Knowledge of other methods of research is sadly deficient. I believe that the work we're doing is vital so that if young people don't like what's happening then they can try and change the system. After all, it's done in their name, supposedly on their behalf, so they have a right to know."

The good news is that we are now having the opportunity to educate young people in schools, and that we're having a tangible and substantial impact. The negative side is that those with vested interests in defending animal experiments are themselves making greater efforts to convince students of their necessity.

Clearly the vivisection battle is hotting up and one of the main sites will be in our schools. Animal Aid will be there to carry a truthful and factual message to the next generation.


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