Animal Aid

Year 8 Poetry Winners

Posted 16 June 2012

Theme - Factory farming


By Cara Exall

Shut in the dark captured, slaughtered, dead,
Just so a few of you can be fed,
Is my life that worthless do you not see my pain?
Are my cries out for help all in vain?
Some of us you love all your pets,
You keep them, care for them, they have their own vets,
While we're squashed and cramped breathing stale air,
Do you not understand how can you not care?
Not yet even lived but soon to die,
Green grass, running free to us that's all a lie,
death onn it's way our lives are oh too short,
How are these conditions possible I would have once thought?
You take everything we have, how is that just?
Why won't you stop this you know you must?
Living in our own waste, exhausted and weak,
Right now the future looks so bleak,
How would you feel if the sun you couldn't see?
Never ran outdoors so happy and care free,
So please find a place in your heart to help me!


By Emily Backland

McDonald's, KFC and Burger King for me,
Look where they're from and you will see,
How the harmless pigs get tortured,
And the chickens who get slaughtered
They squeal so loud in pain they cry,
The harmless pig who's turn it is to die,
The chicken that is 4 weeks old,
They live in a shed full of mould.
Carrying an adult's body weight,
The little chickens that cannot take,
Fall to the floor and do not wake.
And going in the oven ready to bake.
No air to breathe, grass to walk upon,
The cows do not know what's going on.
Sheds are crammed with all these animals.
Squels and chuckles they turn to cannibals.


By Joe Thompson

Each sad abused chicken
Been grabbed in the night,
And carried away
In panic and fright

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