Animal Aid

Year 7 Poetry Winners

Posted 16 June 2012

Theme - Caring for animals


The Bully

By Fiona Bower

I shiver as I watch the snowflakes fall to the ground,
Dancing, twirling and spinning around,
I scratch at the door, bark and whine,
A light flicks on and somebody answers this time,
They open the door and speak pretty loud
"Hello? Who is- Oh it's you!" They don't seem too proud,
I run inside through the open door,
Leaving snowy paw prints on the floor,
"Get back here you ugly mutt!"
"Come back here and clean this up!"
But I can't, I'm a dog! I stay quite still,
This time they yell at me, mean and shrill,
"You stupid dog, I loathe you so",
"No walks for a week! Now out you go!!"
They shove me outside and tears sting my eyes,
Nobody thinks that dogs can cry...
But they can, they have feelings too,
Take care of your pets; you wouldn't like this to happen to you!


Animals do have rights

By Freya Wooley

Animals have no voices,
This means they have no choices.
Animals have never given us any grief,
Yet we take their lives like a thief.
Every time you eat your steak,
Doesn't your heart break?
They're killed for something you don't really need,
They die needlessly so you can feed.
Every time you hear them yelp,
Can't you see they need your help.
Still you let them stay in the slaughter room,
Waiting for them to face their doom.
Please attempt to give up meat
It's a habit I know anyone can beat.


It's a dog's life

By Lizzy Hearsey

I'm Penelope
A pampered pooch,
I live in a handbag
With a brand name of 'hooch'.

I'd love to be free,
And run round the park,
Jumping through leaves,
Having a growl and a bark.

My claws have been painted,
Bright ruby red,
I wear a matching bow
On top of my head.

How I wish to be
Free like all the other hounds,
But my paws rarely ever
Touch the ground.

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