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Animal Aid's wreath ceremony for animal victims of war

Posted 14 November 2011

To commemorate the suffering of animals in war, Animal Aid held a short wreath-laying ceremony on November 11th at the Animals in War Memorial in London. While the human victims of war are traditionally remembered on this date, the millions of animals who have also suffered and died are rarely mentioned.

Animal Aid’s Director, Andrew Tyler, opened the ceremony, speaking about the many terrible ways in which animals have been used and killed in wars, and the millions of animals who have been abandoned or lost their lives as a result of combat.

Animal Aid patron and human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, also made a powerful and moving speech. He spoke of how animals are used because they have no voice with which to object, and of the trillions of dollars spent each year on arms, which could be spent helping all the world’s inhabitants instead. He concluded that the only way truly to show respect for all the people and animals who have died in war is to try our utmost to ensure that there are no more wars.

Several other people, including, Reverend Dr. Roger Ryan, of St Mary’s church in Summerstown south west London, then came forward to speak. A minute’s silence followed, after which wreaths were laid.

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