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Alana Ward-Craner: Thought-provoking artist’s work censored - but not here.

Posted 7 October 2008

Vegan art-and-design student, Alana Ward-Craner, complained to her local newspaper after her end-of-year exhibition photos were censored and moved to a separate area because they were deemed too disturbing.

Depicting the cruelty of the meat industry, Alana's stark images show a naked female model, strung up from the ceiling and dripping with blood, in order to draw the comparison with the way in which animals are treated on the slaughterline.

Other images represent the animals who are killed on roads every day, and those who are held in factory farm cages.

Speaking to the Stroud News and Journal, Alana said: ‘My mum is a vegan like me and she helped to set up the images so we are both really annoyed that the photos will not be going up alongside everyone else's work.’

Her work is designed to provoke debate and to ‘open people's eyes’. The way in which her work was censored would certainly seem to reflect society’s inability to face the reality of what happens to animals who are killed for their meat.

We have reproduced some of Alana’s photos here with her kind permission.

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