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National Zoo Awareness Day

Posted 23 March 2007

“On 9 April 2007 (Easter Monday), The Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) is holding National Zoo Awareness Day to highlight the fact that zoos are not institutes engaged in education, conservation and research, but are part of the tourist industry. Easter Monday is traditionally seen as the start of the ‘season’ for zoos and is one of the biggest days in any zoo’s calendar. Animals confined to zoos suffer a variety physical and psychological problems, and are rarely returned to the wild. The protection of natural habitats is the only way to prevent further species’ decline.

Please get in touch with CAPS should you be interested in organising, or joining in with, a protest at your local zoo, or if you would like to hold an information stall in your town centre. CAPS produces leaflets, fact sheets, posters and a DVD to support their ‘Sad Eyes and Empty Lives’ campaign, free of charge. Contact CAPS on 0845 330 3911 or via email .”

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