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Well done Anna!

Posted 1 September 2006

Animal Aid's merchandise officer Anna Baker successfully completed her Olympic-distance triathlon, to raise money for Animal Aid, on Saturday, 2nd September. She returned to the Animal Aid office, aching but victorious. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored her.

As the day of the triathlon approached I grew more excited and more nervous! I watched the weather forecast with trepidation, wondering whether I might have to run in soaring heats or cycle through a torrential downpour. I was right to worry. On the morning of the triathlon, a strong wind was blowing. It was so strong that the organisers could not allow the swim to go ahead. It is customary in these situations to replace the swim with another run. I was disappointed but there was nothing else to do but prepare myself for what lay ahead.

At 11.45 the women's race started. It began with a 5km run and I felt comfortable throughout. Then came the 40km bike ride. This involved 12 laps up and down a stretch of road along the sea front. As the wind picked up further, this soon became hard work! And I had to concentrate. If you mis-count the number of laps you have completed and end too soon, you get disqualified. All was well. Sweaty, windswept and wet with drizzle, I completed the cycling and began the next run - 10km.

By then, my legs had seized up from the bike ride. I was concerned that I would get cramp but they loosened up a little and I completed the run - and the triathlon - at around 3pm, and headed home for a much needed bath and curry.

I greatly appreciated my friends and family who came along to cheer me on. And a huge Thank You to all Animal Aid supporters who so kindly sponsored me. I'm delighted with the amount of money raised - it made all the training, pain and effort worthwhile.

However, as I was disappointed that the swimming was cancelled and I don't want to short-change anyone who supported me, I have decided to take part in another triathlon later this month. I must be mad ...

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