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Posted 1 September 2001

Campaign resourcesWe highlight some of the new resources available to encourage successful campaigning.

Brand new resources list

Maintaining an up-to-date printed list of Animal Aid's campaign resources is no easy task, given that we constantly update our information. However, we have now overcome the technical hurdles and produced a comprehensive and illustrated list of our many leaflets, factfiles, posters, reports and videos. Our material covers everything from vivisection to factory farming, all aspects of vegetarianism, the ugly side of the reptile trade, bloodsports and horse racing. Prices are kept to the very minimum, and reflect only our own production and postage costs.

See the new resources list here.

New campaigning book and video

Campaign Against Cruelty handbookWant to help animals but don't know how? Many of us have been immersed in the movement for so long that it's easy to forget how daunting our first radio interview was, or the confusion about what a press release should look like - let alone how to write one! That is why it is so heartening to find a new book and video specifically aimed at encouraging new recruits to the animal rights movement to realise their full potential to help.

Campaign Against Cruelty - An Activist's Handbook
The book leads campaigners, step-by-step, through all they need to know about how to be an effective voice for animals. It proves that no matter how little time you have available, you really can make a difference every day. Although it is mainly targeted at new campaigners, it has important advice and useful information for every individual and every local group.

One of the most frightening prospects for any new campaigner is talking to the media. All of us feel under pressure to do our best, and sometimes the fear of failure can lead to capable activists shying away from this important aspect of campaigning. This book should help them to cope with any first-time nerves, as you can see from the following excerpt:

Getting on the radio: 'Always ask who else is to be interviewed, the format of the programme, how your contribution will be used and what the focus of the programme is to be. Always have three important points you want to communicate and try to get them in. Use the presenter's questions to say what you want to say, don't allow them to control the agenda and don't allow them to push you onto the defensive. The moment you do that, you've lost it.'

You can order the book from Animal Aid (£4.99 plus p&p), or view it online at

Animal rights video
To coincide with the launch of the Activist's Handbook, an accompanying video skilfully opens up discussion on the social and moral issues at the core of the animal rights movement. Featuring contributions from Dr Richard Ryder, Heather James and Neil Johnson, it explores the philosophical and moral reasoning behind the movement. It also explains why and how people get involved, and sets out a Universal Declaration of Animal Rights, outlining the minimum protection and respect that should be afforded our animal kin.

With a running time of 22 minutes, the video is ideal for school talks (age 14-plus) and public meetings. You can purchase a copy of the Animal Rights video (£9.95) from: Vegetarian Guides, PO Box 2284, London, W1A 5UH.


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