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Posted 1 March 2001

CollectionIt creeps up on us so quickly. It's the London-wide street collection, and it's one of the biggest fund-raisers of Animal Aid's year.

This year's collection will be held on Saturday 28 April, and it runs all day. Last year's was the most successful so far. A team of marvellous Animal Aid supporters raised the phenomenal sum of £7025. But you know what they say about records - they're made to be broken - and we hope this one is no exception.

While the London collection is probably our biggest fund raising day, other street collections around the country are also very important to Animal Aid. Not only do they raise much needed funds for our campaigns, they're also great for getting our message across to thousands of people. We currently have about 70 collections throughout the year, but desperately need to increase this number. Would you be willing to give up just a few hours this year to co-ordinate or help with a collection?

Shaking a tin may not be the most exciting way to spend a Saturday, but it can be a really satisfying thing to do. Apart from raising lots of money, you have a chance to speak to people about the issues and change their views. What could be better than knowing that you've helped someone give up meat or stop buying products tested on animals?

It really is important. Animals all over the country are counting on you, so please don't let them down. If you can spare just that one day, please get in touch - we need your help.


  • If you are in London, please keep 28 April free. We need both co-ordinators and individual collectors to take part. If you live anywhere in Greater London and would like to shake a tin on behalf of the animals, please get in touch with Ruth either by email or on 01732 364546, and she'll tell you what you can do to help.
  • If you are elsewhere in the country, please contact Ruth at the office. If you're then happy to go ahead, we'll contact your local council for permission. Once a date has been agreed we'll send you everything you need for the day - fact sheets, tins, stickers, sashes, leaflets etc. We'll also contact all our supporters in your area to round up as many helpers as possible.

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