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Posted 1 January 2001

A pigeonIn a sudden move on 17 January, the Greater London Authority (GLA) issued a press release announcing that in just 48 hours the licence of Trafalgar Square bird feed seller Bernard Raynor was to be permanently revoked. The birds' food supply would then be eliminated in staged over a period of one month.

This development followed a three month 'stand-off' during which Bernard had been granted a temporary licence whilst legal proceeding took place.

Many of the birds now face starvation, especially because the GLA have hired security to try to stop the public from putting out anything but the smallest amount of feed at one time.

Trafalgar Square is a unique situation. Whilst most feral pigeons would simply seek food elsewhere, the Trafalgar Square pigeons are in fact semi-domesticated, having spent their entire lives not having to forage for food.


  • London Animal Action (LAA) is setting up a rota to feed the birds. Remember! It is not illegal to feed them. Donations of food, help distributing it and drivers to get the resources to the Square are desperately needed. If you can offer any help please call LAA on 020 7652 0600.
  • If you can't be actively involved, and would still like to help, donations can be sent to buy food supplies for others to distribute. Send your cheques, made payable to 'London Animal Action', to Pigeon Project, P.O. Box 2248, London WC1N 3XX.
  • You can also contact Ken to let him know exactly what you think of his actions. Remind him that many Londoners voted for him after he spoke of making London an 'animal cruelty-free zone' at the opening of Animal Aid's Living Without Cruelty Exhibition last summer. Write to Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, Greater London Authority, Romney House, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3PY, e-mail:

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