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Posted 1 November 2004
Detail from the front of the new sales catalogue

Why not make this Christmas a cruelty-free occasion by purchasing all your gifts and cards from Animal Aid's stunning new sales catalogue.

Bursting with new products and ideas - none of which have been tested on animals and all of which are suitable for vegans - it has more than 80 new items to choose from, plus some old favourites.

Eat, drink and be merry

We are really excited to be able to bring you a completely new range of the most delicious vegan, organic chocolates made by The Cocoa Tree. Each attractive wooden box contains nine hand-made chocolates (100g), to make the perfect gift or treat for everyone. Choose from:

Triple Truffle Selection and Mint Truffles from The Cocoa Tree
  • Blackcurrant creams
    The flavours of freshly picked blackcurrants combined with a delicious fondant centre, smothered in rich organic chocolate. £4.25

  • Marzipan assortment
    Amazing selection of three marzipans - Valencia Almond, Indian Walnut and South American Brazil Nut, coated in luxurious, hand-made chocolate. £4.25

  • Mint truffles
    Melt-in-the-mouth mints. These have to be tasted to be believed! A mild, creamy mint flavour combined with the darkest organic chocolate. £4.25

  • Triple truffle selection
    A miraculous combination of captivating coffee, melt-in-the-mouth mint, and plain chocolate truffles. All are hand-made by a master chocolatier and are gorgeously gooey! £4.25

  • Rose and violet creams
    A traditional favourite. Smooth, creamy fondant, encased in organic chocolate and decorated with crystallised petals. £4.25

  • Golden crunch
    Mouth-watering Crunchie-style bar smothered in organic chocolate. 150g bag for £3.50

Also newly available we have:

  • Hazelnut crunch rochers
    This favourite from Booja Booja is now available in two sizes. Smooth, hazelnut praline centre with roasted hazelnuts and crispy rice. 80g - £4.25, 220g - £9.95 (19 chocolates).

  • Green & Black's organic cherry bar 150g
    Delicious dark chocolate with whole cherries. Winner of the Best New Organic Food Product in the organic industry awards for 2004. £2.85

  • Green & Black's organic ginger bar 150g
    Dark chocolate embedded with crystallised ginger pieces. Delicious. £2.85

Wines and lagers

Vegan wine

To complete the Christmas fun and games, why not indulge in a case of our vegan organic wine, cider or lager - or share with friends? We have a delicious sampler case, a fine wine selection, and a fruit wine case. Each contains 12 bottles. We also have organic sparkling cider and organic Pinkus special lager, not to mention shimmering champagne.

None of our drinks contains any animal products. See the online shop for our full list of available items.

Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics - because they're worth it!

Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics

We are delighted to bring you the complete range of Beauty Without Cruelty cosmetics, which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Since 1998 no licences have been issued by the Home Office for testing cosmetics ingredients and products on animals in the UK. However, elsewhere in the world, cosmetic companies continue to test new concoctions on animals. These products can then be sold here. Labelling is often deliberately misleading and even products which claim to be 'not tested on animals' could fail the cruelty-free test. Although the finished product might not have been tested on animals, the individual ingredients may have been.

It's never been simpler to look gorgeous and keep your conscience clear! These prettily-packaged, fragrance-free products all carry the BUAV's Humane Cosmetics Standard 'bunny logo' - the only true guarantee that 'not tested on animals' means just that.

Please see the online shop for the complete range of products and colours. We regret that for reasons of hygiene, cosmetics and toiletries cannot be exchanged.

Make a splash

New vegan toiletries

If you're still stuck for a gift for a special person, then we have a wonderful new range of toiletries designed with men in mind, but which are also gorgeous for women.

  • Woodspice Shampoo and matching Woodspice Body Wash
    Both have a rich woody fragrance combined with bergamot, fennel and rosemary to create a spicy floral aroma of precious woods and oak moss.

  • The Amber Shampoo and Amber Body Wash
    A fresh citrus fragrance, combined with spicy herbs, cedar leaf and mint.

The body washes are suitable for bath or shower and contain witch-hazel, calendula and arnica extracts, while the shampoos contain rosemary extract and jojoba oil. All are kind and gentle to the skin. Body Wash £3.85, Shampoo £3.00.

Apples and Oranges CD

A different gift idea for all your animal-friendly friends is a new music CD by American singer Bob Pyle. This is a country-style mix of old-time string-band music and humorous lyrics, creating an album with a message of social relevance concerning the foods we eat. The 12 tracks include A Farewell to McDonald's, A World Made out of Spam, Petunia the Pig and Factory Style - which recounts the life of factory-farmed animals. These extremely catchy songs are full of wit and humour. A real treat. £11.75

Christmas cards

New Christmas cards from Animal Aid

By purchasing all your gifts and cards from Animal Aid you are contributing directly to our vital campaigning work and helping to spread the message. This year we have six new card designs to delight your friends and family (ten to each pack). See the new designs in the online shop.

How to order

There are many more fabulous gifts in the catalogue including books, diaries, ethical clothing and footwear. See the online shop for the full range, or send for a free Compassionate Christmas pack.

We will try to fulfil all Christmas orders received by Friday 17th December, but please order as far in advance as possible. Order now by telephone on 01732 364546 ext 222, or through the online shop.

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