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Have a va-va-veggie Valentine's Day!

Posted 1 February 2005
Love bunnies

As Valentine's Day approaches the air is thick with the sweet scent of roses, Cupid's arrows whizzing about, and fruity thoughts of love and lust. Animal Aid's Veggie Valentine Bunny Girls would like to share their top tips for spicing up your love-life in an animal-friendly fashion.

People often think that abstaining from animal products means sacrifice, denial and missing out on the fun and games. But going veggie or vegan doesn't mean you turn into a sanctimonious, spotty, lentil-eating hemp-wearer. Far from it! Vegetarians and vegans are fighting fit, often slimmer than their meat-eating counterparts, and ooze passion as well as compassion.

With lovin' on the agenda, carnivorous Casanovas might want to consider that impotence can be linked to meat-eating. Saturated fat and cholesterol, in which meat and dairy products are rich, clog arteries, leading to decreased blood flow. We'll leave you to work it out why that's a problem! Vegetarians also have lower incidence of obesity. To boost your, er, health - going veggie is definitely the right thing to do.

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Why not spice things up in the kitchen too! Who needs slimy oysters - many fruits and vegetables are known to have aphrodisiac qualities. Start off with a creamy avocado to get your tastebuds - and the rest - tingling. The red hot chilli pepper helps stimulate the circulation and contains a substance known to induce a temporary high! So if you want to get your lover all hot under the collar, veggie chilli is the perfect meal. Add some carrots for extra effects, as the carrot is said to work especially well for men. They're also a great source of beta-carotene, which will help you see in the dark when the lights are out! If you get as far as dessert, then strawberries and raspberries make perfect Valentine nipples - sorry, nibbles.

Throw some of these ingredients into the mix and you are sure to make your Valentine's Day celebrations go with a bang, not a whimper:

Chocolate frenzy

Dairy-free chocolates miss out on all the nasties found in dairy products and often have a much higher cocoa content than milk ones, making them a much more satisfactory option. Try decadent Champagne truffles, bars of delicious dark chocolate embedded with gooey chunks of apricot and crunchy hazelnuts; blackcurrant and banana creme eggs and many other treats, all available in our online shop.

Valentine meal suggestion

Pop that... cork!

You may not know it but many wines and champagnes will have been 'fined' (clarified) using animal products such as egg albumen or gelatine. Yuk! Get your order in quickly for a bottle of veggie-friendly Champagne or sparkling wine, we also have organic wines available. If you don't have time to place an online order, most off-licences will be able to tell you what they have in stock that's suitable for veggies and vegans.


Smear Strawberry Champagne Lover's Lick liberally over your loved one to turn him or her into the perfect pudding! Available from Ann Summers. Refresh your bedroom frolics with our sensual and Uplifting Body Massage Oil.

Come on baby light my fire!

Some candles are made from beeswax, which is a substance secreted by bees to build the 'combs' that form their hive. Bees are very industrious insects, with an intricate and fascinating social structure. We shouldn't take the products of their labour from them, we can survive quite happily being bee-product free! Stick to paraffin wax candles, available everywhere.

Fun & games

Saucy synthetic leather or faux fur handcuffs and blindfolds will certainly up the ante in the bedroom - and unlike real leather items, won't leave a trail of blood from the animal victims behind them. Leather isn't just a 'byproduct' of the meat industry - the skin is the second most valuable part of the dead animal and its sale keeps the slaughter industry profitable. Leave the skins on the animals' backs - the only stripping going on should be your partner casting off their sexy undies! ;-)


To be entered into a free draw to win a Veggie Valentine hamper containing a selection of the above-mentioned goodies, send your name and address to with I'm a Veggie Valentine in the subject-line. A winner will be picked at random on Friday 11th and the hamper will be sent via Parcelforce to the lucky winner, to be delivered on Monday morning - so make sure you provide an address where somebody will be there to receive it. (Sorry, UK only.)

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