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Charity Christmas Gifts - Don't send a cow!

Posted 13 November 2006

Aid agencies, quick to spot a marketing opportunity, misguidedly promote sending cows, goats, rabbits and chickens to impoverished areas of the world. This is madness!

1) Chicken

£11 sends six chickens to an impoverished area where they can heighten the disease risk and severely damage the immediate environment

3) Goat £125 provides a pair of goats - animals known to cause desertification, thereby reducing the amount of farmland available to local people

4) Cow £750 sends a cow, who will drink up to 90 litres of the villagers' water every single day

Donate only to charities that help people without harming animals: support HIPPO's pledge to grow an orchard that will feed impoverished people in Kenya.

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