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PUBLIC AGREE - HORSE RACING IS CRUEL - Animal Aid wins Countryfile debate

Posted 1 March 2004
Horse with broken leg

Animal Aid's Horse Racing Awareness Week is launched March 27 - timed to coincide with the deliberately challenging and exhausting Grand National at Aintree. This year's central feature will be an important new report that meticulously analyses the use of the whip. The findings are startling! Click here to read A Hiding to Nothing.

Meanwhile, a recent debate on BBC TV's Countryfile - which posed the question: Is horse racing cruel - has produced from the public a resounding 'yes'. 57% of viewers who voted agreed that it is cruel, against 43% who supported racing.

The debate featured Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler on one side. He pointed to the hundreds of horses killed every year from injury and the even larger number disposed of at the end of their careers or because they fail to make the grade. He also highlighted the endemic levels of stress-related illness.

Arguing that racing is not cruel were a leading vet from the Jockey Club, and Brough Scott, broadcaster, Racing Post editorial director and former jockey. An RSPCA equine vet took a middle position.

The victory is particularly notable because the Racing Post had encouraged its very large readership to watch the programme and vote.

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