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Harry Redknapp Urged to Reject Racing After Three Horses are Killed at Taunton

Posted 2 March 2012

Three horses were killed today while racing at Taunton. They were Moving Wings, Bygones In Brid and Marigolds Way. These three fatalities in a single afternoon will no doubt be dismissed by the racing authorities as a freak occurrence. In fact, death of horses on British racecourses is routine, with around 240 occurring every year. Multiple deaths at a single venue also happen, on average, every month. One of today’s equine casualties was Bygones In Brid, owned by Spurs manager Harry Redknapp, who has often spoken of his concern for animal welfare. It could be that Harry, like so many successful public figures, was sucked into the supposedly glamorous world of racing. Whatever the surface gloss, this is an industry that mercilessly exploits horses, from the breeding sheds to the abattoir, where so many of them end their days. We call upon Harry Redknapp to turn his back on this ruthless business and, instead, consider financially supporting hard-pressed animal sanctuaries that care for rejected race horses.

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