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MPs rally over horse welfare

Posted 27 February 2009

More than 25 MPs were among the guests at a special meeting on race horse welfare held in the House of Commons on 25 February. The event was staged by MP Mike Hancock, so that Animal Aid’s Horseracing Consultant Dene Stansall and its Director Andrew Tyler could brief the gathering on the increasing problem of Thoroughbred death and injury.

A key purpose of the meeting was to ask MPs to support a Parliamentary Motion (EDM 285), tabled by Mr Hancock. It calls on the Government to press the racing industry to curb overproduction of Thoroughbreds, and to remedy ‘the alarming level of equine death on British racecourses’. It also urges the Government to ‘undertake and put into the public domain a full audit of race horse production, death and injury’.

There was a wide selection of Animal Aid background information (reports, factsheets and DVDs) freely available at the meeting. Additionally, throughout the gathering a looped DVD of Animal Aid footage was played. This showed horse slaughter in a Taunton abattoir as well as racing footage featuring horrific, on-course falls and consequent death and injury.

Says Animal Aid’s Director, Andrew Tyler:

'We are very grateful to Mike Hancock for staging the event and for his other parliamentary work to advance the cause of Thoroughbred welfare. The Commons meeting was a great success. It is vital that Members of Parliament find out what is really happening within the horse racing industry and use their influence to press for meaningful reform.'

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