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Posted 25 March 2000
Cruelty: You can bet on it. poster

In the run-up to the Grand National, dozens of betting shops across Britain will be the subject of protests and leafleting to alert the public to the hidden suffering of race horses.

The message to the public during campaign group Animal Aid's Horse Racing Awareness Week will be:

Some 300 horses are raced to death every year on British courses and thousands more are forced to endure painful mutilations, whose purpose is to maximise the owners' financial return. These mutilations include 'pin firing' - the burning of leg tendons with red hot needles; and 'tubing' - the insertion of a metal breathing tube into the horse's neck.

Carrying posters bearing the slogan 'Cruelty - You Can Bet On It', activists aim to let the public know that when they bet on the Grand National, or any other horse race, they are gambling with animals' lives.

One of the main sources of income for the racing industry - especially from high profile races like the Grand National - is the 'office sweepstakes'. For this reason, tens of thousands of hard-hitting leaflets will be distributed for noticeboard display in council offices, community centres, veterinary surgeries, colleges and similar locations.

Said Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler:

"Horse racing is a bloody, ruthless business. Every year, hundreds of horses die on British courses, and many more suffer permanent injuries. There is no such thing as a 'harmless flutter' - the British public are unwittingly gambling with animals' lives. Animal Aid's message is that horse racing is cruel - don't bet on it."

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