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Aintree 2007 kills two horses and leaves two more fighting for their lives

Posted 16 April 2007

The 2007 Grand National meeting at Aintree has left two horses dead and two more fighting for their lives at the Liverpool Veterinary College.

The John Smith’s sponsored Grand National Race saw just 12 of the 40 horses complete the gruelling 4 and a half mile course. Whilst no horses died on the track, Graphic Approach, who fell at the notorious Becher’s Brook fence, collapsed with concussion a mile from where he fell. In the mayhem, he ran loose and went down once more after jumping a rail and colliding with three onlookers. He was taken to Liverpool Veterinary College where the next 48 hours will be crucial to his survival.

Also at the Veterinary College is Patman Du Charman who fell whilst racing on the National course on Friday.

Over the three days of racing at the 2007 Grand National Meeting at Aintree, two horses lost their lives: Into The Shadows died on Thursday during a hurdle race and Lord Rodney died at the infamous Chair fence on Friday, having suffered fatal injuries after being brought down by fallen horses.

The winning and third jockeys in the Grand National were found to have made 'excessive and forceful' use of the whip, however, they retained their winning status.

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