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World Day for Farmed Animals

Posted 1 October 2004
Save cows - go veggie!

October 2nd is World Day for Farmed Animals, a day to remember the 900 million animals farmed for human consumption annually in the UK alone.

Animal Aid is taking this opportunity to promote the great work of sanctuaries caring for ex-farmed animals who have been rescued from neglectful conditions on farms or at markets, or are unwanted 'by-products' of meat production.

Enid Chambers has been rescuing animals for the past fifty years. Together with John, her disabled husband, Enid runs Field Farm Animal Sanctuary in Costock, Loughborough:

"Over the years a lot of goats find their way into our hands. Most are in shocking conditions; starved, ill or injured. Two were found tied to a railway line to be killed by the next train that came along."

Many people do not realise that calves are typically taken from their mothers within a day or two of birth so that the milk destined for them can be bottled up for human consumption. Lady Lesley Cooper runs Trallwm Farm in Bancffosfelen, Carmarthenshire:

"I take in and hand raise Jersey calves that would otherwise be taken away and shot by the hunt."

'Spent' laying hens - both battery and free range - are usually killed at 18 months because they no longer produce enough eggs to be profitable. Some farmers of chickens and other animals show a stroke of compassion and will let sanctuaries take on these young animals. Most, however, face an early death at the slaughterhouse. Marion Eaton runs Friend Farm Animal Rescue in East Peckham, Kent:

Choose life - choose veggie sausages!

"Like most people my perceptions of farmed animals was pretty stereotypical... outbidding the slaughterman for a tiny, 8 day old calf was the only way I had of saving Rosie from the Butcher's hook."

Sanctuaries are in constant need of donations. If you would like to give a rescued animal a chance to live out his or her days in comfort, contact your local sanctuary and ask to sponsor an animal. If the sanctuary is open to the public, why not go and meet the animals? Most consumers do not associate the meat on their plate with a living, feeling animal, but it's worth remembering that your food once had a face! The best way you can help these animals is by adopting an animal-free diet and what better day to start than on World Day for Farmed Animals!

Animal Aid promotes a non-animal diet that is both healthy and compassionate. Contact us for a free Go Veggie pack.

Don't eat us, eat veggies instead!

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