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FOOT AND MOUTH - MAFF's proposed slaughter of the animals at Mossburn Animal Sanctuary

Posted 10 May 2001
Dead sheep

The following statement has been issued by Animal Aid:

Animal Aid is appalled by the vindictive and unjust decision of a Scottish court to uphold an order by the Scottish Executive that the goats and sheep who had found sanctuary at Mossburn be condemned to death.

Farmers across the UK have shed very public tears when their animals have been condemned under the foot and mouth cull programme. And yet those same animals had been produced and fattened in order that their throats be cut and their bodies consumed. The weeping farmers, in any case, are on the receiving end of generous public compensation packages.

The Mossburn Sanctuary animals, by contrast, are truly loved and protected, and the distress shown by Juanita Wilson and her colleagues is genuine and heartfelt.

The order to kill Juanita's animals has no rational basis. It is motivated by spite for someone who stands as a reproach to an industry that breeds animals solely to be exploited.

In contrast to the slaughter order for the Mossburn animals, a reprieve has today been ordered for the 980 cattle owned by Exmoor farmer Thomas Everard, who will soon be sending these animals to slaughter.

Animal Aid promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle, which includes a diet free of the flesh and secretions of animals.

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