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Posted 26 February 2001

Europe under threat from Foot and Mouth disease

Animal Aid calls on EU to impose permanent live export ban

Animal Aid today calls on the EU Agriculture Council and Agriculture Commissioner, David Byrne, to impose a permanent ban on the export of all live farmed animals from the UK.

The foot and mouth disease outbreak - coming on top of the BSE, swine fever, bovine TB, salmonella, E-coli 0157 and campylobacter crises - signals that British-reared animals pose a real threat to the physical and economic health of our European neighbours. While UK farmers' representatives are blaming foreigners for the latest disease catastrophe, it is the modern British farming industry that is threatening the rest of the world rather than the other way round.

Live animal exports are the front line in this assault. Around one million live sheep and 100,000 pigs were exported last year from the UK - mostly to Europe. And it was just four months ago that the Phillips BSE inquiry revealed that thousands of tons of potentially contaminated meat and bone meal continued to be exported from the UK for eight years after the imposition of a ban on its sale in Britain.

Notes to Editors

  • British farming has for years boasted of its 'efficiencies'. These 'efficiencies' have meant more animals crowded together in filth and squalor, artificially impregnated, fed an array of drugs to keep disease at bay, and transported long distances to fewer but larger slaughterhouses. The motivation all down the line has been greed, with a corresponding disregard for animal welfare. The public, as well as the animals, pay the price. British meat products now typically come from sick and enfeebled animals and pose an ongoing human health risk. The British and European public is also being asked to bail out farmers, yet again, by way of massive compensation payments.
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  • For more information on animal welfare see the Veggie Month campaign index.

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