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Live exports resume from Dover

Posted 3 May 2013

For the first time in two years, live exports resumed from the port of Dover on the morning of 2nd May. The ship Joline was seen leaving the port at 9am full of lorries loaded with sheep bound for France. Even more worrying is the fact that RSPCA inspectors have not yet been granted permission to enter the port, meaning animals have almost no protection from illegal cruelty.

The news comes just months after Thanet District Council was forced to lift its temporary ban on live exports from the port of Ramsgate, which was imposed following an incident in which more than 40 sheep died. Neither Ramsgate nor Dover has suitable facilities for dealing with animal emergencies and the export of live animals from both ports has been condemned by numerous animal organisations.

Animals exported live to the continent endure hours tightly crammed into hot lorries, often with little access to food or water. The journey can often leave them stressed, exhausted and dehydrated and it can take days for them to recover from the ordeal. In the worst cases, animals can die from the conditions during live export.

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