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Live animal exports from Ramsgate to resume

Posted 17 October 2012

A High Court ruling has forced Thanet Council to re-open the Port of Ramsgate to live animal exports, overturning the suspension put in place last month. The council ordered the suspension after 45 sheep died in September, stating that the port does not have the appropriate facilities in place to keep animals safe if they have to be unloaded in an emergency.

During the shocking incident, six animals fell into the water, with two drowning, and a further 43 had to be put down due to poor health. The lorry they were being carried in had been deemed unfit for transporting live animals. Council leader Clive Hart maintains that the port is unsuitable for the export of live animals, and has indicated that discussions will now take place with the council’s lawyers over how to progress their case. It looks likely that live animal exports will resume on Friday 19th.

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