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Please Act Now to Oppose Plans for Super-Dairy

Posted 23 December 2010

For the past year, controversy over plans to build a US-style mega-dairy in Nocton, Lincolnshire has hit national media headlines. Pressure from concerned members of the public and national groups forced the original development to be scrapped and one of the companies involved to drop out. But, unfortunately, the problem has not gone away.

The developers have now submitted a new application for a farm half the size. However, it will still be the largest dairy farm this country has ever seen, with 3,700 cows spending the majority of their lives indoors, with little or no access to pasture.

The people behind Nocton Dairies have said it will be like a four star hotel for cows. It won’t. It is tantamount to a prison where high yield cows will be milked to exhaustion - and, like all dairy cows, they will be sent to slaughter at just a fraction of their natural lives.

What is worse is the fact that the developers have already said that they plan to increase to the original 8,100 cow unit once they have permission for the smaller unit. In other words, nothing has really changed.

The businesses behind the factory farm are trying to be clever with their timing by re-submitting the application so that the consultation period falls over the Christmas break. Their hope is that it will slip through on the quiet, as none of the previous objections will count.

That is why it is more important than ever to make your feelings clear again. We have until the 11 January to object. If this mega-dairy goes ahead it will open the floodgates to similar animal prisons across the UK. We have to act - and we have to act now! Please note: although we feel very strongly about the impact of such a development upon the welfare of the cows, animal welfare is not taken into consideration by the planning services. So although it is important to mention it, please also include other points such as environmental pollution, increased traffic, noise etc - see the Viva! website for more information.

With thanks to Viva! for background information to the Nocton case.

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