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Powerful Scenes of Animal Suffering Coming to Norwich

Posted 23 July 2010

Animal Aid asks: Is Factory Farming Making You Sick?

Date: Monday 26th July
Location: Bottom of Hayhill on Gentleman’s Walk
Photocall: 1pm

On Monday, 26th July, national campaign group, Animal Aid, will be visiting Norwich City Centre with a specially created artistic display of photographs that is bound to shock all animal lovers. The large photo boards depict grim scenes of dead, dying and sick animals – and all were taken in the UK. Each image reminds the viewer that by keeping animals in filth and squalor, we not only harm them, we could be harming ourselves.

The images include:

  • A calf no more than ten days old lying dead in a ‘zero grazing’ shed with blood seeping from his nose and mouth.
  • A young goat looking for comfort from his mother who has been shot in the head and left lying on the shed floor.
  • Two dead piglets lying among the litter in the corner of a farrowing unit.
  • These and many other equally disturbing images feature in Animal Aid’s new five-minute film that was shot secretly in randomly-selected farms across the UK during the last three years. The film supports the group’s argument that modern animal farming presents a significant threat to human health, as well as an intolerable burden upon the animals themselves. A new booklet – Is factory farming making you sick?, which will be given out on Monday or can be ordered free of charge from Animal Aid – succinctly describes 12 major diseases that thrive in factory farm settings but may go on to harm and even kill people. They include bovine TB, bird flu, BSE, E.coli O157 and swine flu.

    During the 2007/8 bird flu outbreak, hundreds of thousands of chickens and turkeys were slaughtered on East Anglian farms to try to prevent the spread of this virulent disease. During an investigation it was uncovered that Bernard Matthews, the UK’s largest turkey farmer, who farms more than seven million turkeys each year, had been warned several times about hygiene lapses on its farms. Animal Aid is inviting the people of Norwich to visit the photographic display on Monday to find out more about the health risks they may face by supporting such animal agriculture. Local Norwich City Councillor and Deputy Leader of the Green Party, Adrian Ramsay, will be joining Animal Aid at 1pm to show his support for this campaign.

    Says Animal Aid Campaigns Officer, Kelly Slade:

    We must reconsider our treatment of our fellow sentient beings – not only because of the effect that abuse and exploitation has on their welfare, but also because of the negative health consequences for people, too. No compassionate person would allow dogs to be kept in similar conditions and we are asking Norwich residents to extend that same compassion to pigs, cows and chickens. There is something we can all do to reduce the harm done to these vulnerable creatures and to help protect our own health and that of our families: we can adopt a meat-free diet.

    Watch the slideshow of the photographic display

    More Information:

    Notes to Editors:

    • Animal Aid’s Is Factory Farming Making You Sick? tour is visiting major cities throughout the summer.
    • The booklet is available free of charge. It can be ordered from or by calling 01732 364546.

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