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TV presenter Wendy Turner-Webster awards young artists and poets

Posted 28 June 2010

On Saturday June 26, talented young poets and artists from across the country came to London to attend a prize-giving ceremony, hosted by Animal Aid and TV presenter Wendy Turner-Webster.

Animal Aid launched the nationwide competition, whose theme was factory farming, to encourage young people to discover what happens on intensive farms and to express their views on this important subject.

We received hundreds of entries from individuals and schools and were delighted by the extraordinarily high standard. The three winners from each age category (11-13, 14-16, 17-18) - who all created powerful poetry and passionate art pieces - were awarded their well-deserved prizes (including an ipod and digital camera) by TV presenter and animal-advocate Wendy Turner-Webster.

Says Animal Aid’s Competition Organiser, Kelly Slade:

‘Young people feel passionately about the fair treatment of animals and clearly recognise the inhumanity of factory farming. The artwork and poetry we received was exciting, imaginative and bold, and revealed a thoughtful and compassionate younger generation. I feel sure that such talent and commitment will continue to be deployed to benefit animals, people and the planet. Heartfelt congratulations to the winners - they richly deserve their awards.’

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