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Freedom Food Cruelty Exposed - Again

Posted 19 February 2009

This month, Hillside Animal Sanctuary took a Channel 5 reporter to visit a Freedom Food turkey farm in Norfolk. They filmed many bloodied, blinded, wounded and dying animals. The suffering was so shocking that the RSPCA - which accredited this farm to its own Freedom Food scheme - has launched a criminal investigation.

This is not the first time that the RSPCA's Freedom Food scheme - which claims to ensure high animal welfare standards - has been exposed for causing terrible suffering.

In July 2008, Hillside exposed a Freedom Food egg farm, also in Norfolk. Just one week later, Freedom Food was back in the news when Animal Aid revealed that numerous chickens on a Freedom Food 'broiler' farm in Somerset were suffering from agonising leg and hip injuries, which left them unable to reach food and water.

Despite regular investigations indicating that animals can and do experience terrible pain and suffering on Freedom Food farms, the scheme still receives fulsome endorsements from celebrity chefs Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Jamie Oliver.

This latest exposé shows once again that, for as long as animals are treated as commodities - to be mass-produced and slaughtered for food - they will suffer. It doesn't matter how their carcases are labelled.

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