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14-16 Poetry Winners

Posted 2 July 2008


Did You Give Us A Second Thought?

By Hazel Miller

Blood running through my veins grows cold,
The chains stroke my skeleton,
A never ending fear sweeps through us all.
Grounded, a living statue of the cruelty.
Yet are we even alive?
we might as well be dead...
Time itself has lost all meaning.
It simply passes by.
Like the hope that we will ever see the light of day.
A breath of fresh air, so sweet yet forgotten.
Can you call us animals any longer?
For what is an animal?
A creature with a spirit, a life, maybe.
Something we all dream to be.
As we stand and lurk in this darkness.
A prison of unfortunate souls.
Always alone.
Thousands of us here, so lonely.
Since, one by one we are slaughtered.
We have no worth yet we are sold

You pick up your fork and knife.
You rip open our flesh.
Did you give us a second thought?


Factory Farming

By Hannah Andrews

Its stench smothers the air.
Birds do not sing here,
Rats have fled here.
Animal after animal,
Packed together so tight, they must struggle to breath.
Bogged down in the mud,
Or sore-footed from concrete.
The adults ever crying,
Crying for their children.
Birds squawking,
While food is shovelled down their throats.
The machines start up,
Whirring, clanking things.
Animals go in,
Packets of meat come out.
It's all the youngsters have ever known,
And will ever know.
Machines, food,
Sleep, pain.
And the creatures.
The creatures in the white coats.


Slay The Slaughter

By Alan Cairncross

Upon our world of vine and beast scattered forms of darkness take shape,
Some in our minds like fleets of piranha,
Others ashore on our open plains of soil, structured and marketed to prey on our
Like Thirsty vultures of trade.
Such inhumane slaughter prisons, decay, fritter, desolate our culture and our fellow
Creatures, within the walls of farming factories.
We must oppose,
Waves of helpless cattle crashed and torn, shards of youthful lambs shattered by their
postage stamp cellar and broken by their hateful masters boot.
And the excruciation continues,
Torment twitches beneath the sagging eyes of chickens and geese,
Their home, a vice supplied so tight that the air is thieved from their isolated lungs,
Grid lock floors cage these birds from crown to fatigued limb.
Pierced and prodded by sickening mortal vermin who's mothers who would,
Be shamed by their creation.
The feathered prisoners have but one ally,
All rays of hope and sun are rotted with the bones of the poultry,
We accept this massacre for a mere taste joined by gravy and some greasy chips,
I object!
The souls of these animals are slowly and painfully dissolved by cowardly brute,
And some lazy blade.
Every second daggered with the death of another creation,
for what!
Some luxury, or
perhaps the free will to clobber more fat into our over weighted systems.
Our morals must be corrupt, our species must be deranged. How dare we peel
another flesh as it it were lettuce or our possession? A flesh that cannot plead, cannot beg and yet still bleeds and shrieks and feels!
I blame you who would gouge the throat of natures innocence,
I blame you who,
Disagrees without the facts and merely assumes,
and I blame me for ignoring and Consuming the tortured auburn meat that has been striped of rights and molested.
We purchase these savaged shavings that once breathed air before a painful sacrifice,
We promote this sick violation; we buy their carved flesh and fund the weapons,
I ask again, for what?
And think, our united kingdom is diagnosed with obesity and
Vicious animal infliction.
Let us not slaughter to strain our hearts further, let us not mace a race of creatures, let
Us conquer our problems with one swift blow and penetrate our illness.
Lead by example and march our nation to a fair land of athlete and anima harmony.
Choose the vine, save the creature, and please, slay the slaughter.

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