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Bird Flu: Industry Cover-Up Exposed

Posted 9 February 2007

With today's announcement - that the strain of bird flu found in the turkey sheds in Suffolk 'may well be identical' to the one that killed birds in a Hungarian factory farm - it is time to acknowledge that the meat industry is not only propagating this disease in the filth of its intensive farms, but is also spreading it around the world.

The Hungarian goose farm, where an outbreak occurred last month, is just 160 miles from a Bernard Matthews processing plant. Having initially stated there could be no link between the two outbreaks, the company now admits that it trucks 'partly-processed' turkey parts from Hungary to Holton in Suffolk each week.

Meanwhile, Bernard Matthews' statement that their biosecurity measures have always been stringently observed has also now been discredited. Birds in three more of their sheds have been found to be carrying the H5N1 strain. The theory that the disease was transmitted by a wild bird has now been scotched.

The trade in carcasses, partly processed meat products and live animals has once again led to serious outbreaks that not only kill animals but have the potential to kill people, too. The movement of equipment, feed and workers adds to the risk of avian flu - and other deadly diseases - spreading around the world, while the filth and squalor of factory farms makes the incubation of such deadly pathogens inevitable.

Animal Aid is calling for a boycott of all poultry products as a means of waking up the government, the industry and the consumer to the vile and devastating nature of intensive animal production in the UK and beyond.

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