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World Day for Laboratory Animals

Posted 1 April 2005
Pages from Bad Ethics, Bad Science

On Sunday 24th April, Animal Aid and other campaigning organisations in the UK and across the globe, will mark World Day for Laboratory Animals. Recognised by the United Nations as a day of international commemoration, it is a time to reflect upon the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals in the name of science - and for the supposed benefit of humankind.

Animal Aid will be marking the occasion with the launch of a new booklet on vivisection, entitled Bad Ethics, Bad Science. The booklet documents the harsh reality of animal testing, where mice, rats, dogs, cats and monkeys are deliberately exposed to toxic household and other chemicals, surgically mutilated in brain experiments, and killed in weapons development.

It gives a comprehensive overview of the arguments, both scientific and ethical, against experiment on animals, and will leave readers in no doubt that the only way medical research will truly progress is if this outdated and unreliable methodology is replaced with rational, human-based studies.

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Pages from Bad Ethics, Bad Science

Public outcry against the continued abuse of animals in laboratories has finally given rise to the tabling of a parliamentary Early Day Motion (number 385), calling for an independent and transparent evaluation of the use of animals in medical research. Please contact your MP and urge him/her to add their name. See the action alerts page for more details.

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