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Posted 15 December 2005
The Animal Aid Mad Science Award trophy

Animal Aid's Mad Science Awards (AAMSAs) - handed out each August for pointless and grotesque scientific research - will this year be presented to a dozen research teams conducting experiments in the service of factory farming. Many of the projects are funded by the taxpayer and are conducted at universities or other government-supported laboratories.

Examples include rams who had a part of their brain removed; new-born piglets injected with dangerous viruses; chickens put in wind tunnels and showered with cold water; and sheep who had weighted balloons and glass spheres pushed through holes in their stomachs.

Such torments are typical of those endured by thousands of UK animals every year. Sometimes the purpose is to learn how to squeeze more profit from animals already at their physiological limits. Other times the experiments are an attempt to remedy welfare problems that are a direct consequence of the punishing ways in which farmed animals are today impregnated, fattened, transported and slaughtered.

Said Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler:

"This year's Mad Science Awards are well deserved. They highlight a phenomenon that has long been virtually ignored: the practice of one form of animal abuse in order to perpetuate another.... vivisection in the service of factory farming. They also illuminate the Big Lie that is pushed by advocates of animal experiments - the lie that says, when not done to save human lives, vivisection is carried out for the benefit of other animals."

The Award winning research teams are based in: Aberdeen, Aberystwyth, Addlestone (Surrey), Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool and London.

Notes to Editors

  • More information from Andrew Tyler, Yvonne Taylor or Kay Holder on 01732 364 546.
  • Award winners each receive a diploma featuring the special AAMSA motif of a laboratory beagle stabbed with a scalpel.
  • A jpeg image from Animal Aid's Mad Science Awards report can be e-mailed to you.
  • We have an ISDN line for Broadcast-quality interviews.

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