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World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Posted 20 April 2012

April 24th is World Day for Animals in Laboratories - a day, recognised by the United Nations to remember the millions of animals worldwide who are used and killed every year in animal experiments.

This year, to mark World Day, Animal Aid has issued an invitation to four major charities that fund animal research: Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Society and Parkinson’s UK, asking them to take part in a public debate about the moral and scientific issues surrounding vivisection. When we wrote to the charities in January, we received no response. This time, we are making our challenge public.

Reinforcing our call for a debate, Animal Aid patron Peter Tatchell has written a thought-provoking article, which has been published online by the influential Huffington Post, arguing that animal ‘models’ of disease are misleading, and asking the charities to be honest and open about the animal research that they fund.

Animal Aid’s fully-referenced scientific report, Victims of Charity, describes how charity-funded medical researchers have deliberately damaged monkeys’ brains with toxic chemicals, and slowly and systematically destroyed dogs’ hearts. Other researchers have tormented mice in water mazes, injected them with cancerous tissue, or used animals who had been subjected to special breeding programmes that left them weakened, disease-prone and mentally deranged. Victims of Charity further challenges the claim that animal research is justified because it produces significant health benefits for people. The report concludes that animal-based research into cancer, heart disease, dementia and Parkinson’s has been a ‘wasteful and futile quest’ - one that has failed to advance the cause of human medicine.

World Day events will be taking place around the world. In the UK, a national march and rally will be held in Birmingham on Saturday 28th, with information stalls and speeches, including one by Animal Aid’s Scientific Consultant, Dr Adrian Stallwood.

For more information on the march, including details of transport from around the country, visit or email

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