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Cancer Research UK urged to stop experiments on animals

Posted 29 November 2011

The first ever fall in Cancer Research UK’s annual income, announced this week, coincides with Animal Aid’s call for people to boycott the charity until it stops funding animal experiments. Animal Aid’s fully referenced scientific report, Victims of Charity, explains in detail how medical research on animals is cruel, unnecessary – and even dangerously misleading.

The campaign group is asking people to boycott all charities that fund animal experiments, and support instead the many medical charities that only use humane and far more accurate non-animal research methods. These methods include the use of donated human tissue and organs, microdosing, computer modelling and MRI scans. A full list of charities is available from Animal Aid on request.

82% of British people polled by NOP this year said they “would not donate to research charities that fund animal experiments”. Cancer Research UK could boost its income by heeding the wishes of the British public and announcing an end to its funding of animal experiments.

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