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Animal Aid names and shames medical research charities!

Posted 7 September 2011

For two weeks ending on September 18th, Animal Aid has erected posters in 40 prominent central London locations – including Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road – that ask ‘Are you donating to charities that fund animal experiments?

image of campaign poster

The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK, Parkinson’s UK and the Alzheimer’s Society, which are all named on the billboards, are four of the largest charities that fund animal experiments. While many large UK medical research charities do fund animal tests, others fund only modern, humane and effective non-animal techniques including MRI scans, human tissue cultures and computer modelling. Animal Aid has an online database of the medical charities’ policies and also produces a handy wallet-sized list, which can be ordered by email.

Encouragingly, a new national NOP poll found that when asked: ‘Would you knowingly donate to a medical research or health charity that funds experiments on animals, or not?’, an overwhelming 82 per cent of total respondents answered ‘No’. Just 16 per cent answered ‘Yes’, with 2 per cent falling into the ‘Don’t know’ category.

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