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World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Posted 21 April 2011

Every year on April 24th, compassionate people around the world speak out on behalf of the victims of vivisection. World Day for Animals in Laboratories is a day to remember the millions of animals who have been killed, and also to redouble efforts to hasten the end of all animal experiments.

Every year inside British laboratories, more than three million animals are subjected to experiments, ranging from testing industrial chemicals and drug development to psychological testing and warfare research. Not only is animal research harmful to animals, it is also potentially harmful to people. Different species react very differently to different drugs and procedures. Drugs that are shown to be safe in animals may later prove to be dangerous in humans, while valuable cures and treatments can be missed if they fail in animal tests.

An eight-month undercover investigation by the BUAV revealed that rabbits are being used to test the side effects of antibiotics, blood filters and saline waters at Wickham Laboratories in Hampshire. Footage revealed that the rabbits were starved for up to 30 hours, denied water and then forcibly immobilised by their necks in stocks.

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