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Revision of Directive 86/609

Posted 16 June 2010

The revision of EU Directive 86/609, which governs animal research across the European Union, has been a drawn-out and often frustrating process. The compromise text is now a step closer to final adoption. The EU Council has adopted the text as a Common Position, and the final Parliament Plenary vote is expected in September.

As it stands, the text contains some disappointing measures, such as the potential to prevent governments from introducing higher welfare standards than those set out in the final Directive, but there are also aspects that could have a beneficial impact on animal welfare - if they are robustly implemented. These include a renewed commitment to the development of non-animal research methods, in all areas of animal use.

It is important to maintain pressure on the European Commission to try and improve the most negative aspects of the Directive, and ensure that the positive steps are fully implemented.

The Humane Society International and Four Paws have put together a Europe-wide Make Animal Testing History ‘virtual march’, to demonstrate to legislators the widespread public support for this campaign.

If you haven’t already, please join the virtual march

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