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World Day for Animals in Laboratories

Posted 21 April 2010

Saturday April 24th marks World Day for Animals in Laboratories – a day to remember the millions of animals who have been killed, and to redouble efforts to hasten the end of all animal experiments.

Every year inside British laboratories, more than 3 million animals are subjected to experiments, ranging from product testing and drug development to psychological testing and warfare research. Animals are sentient creatures, capable of experiencing pain, fear, loneliness, frustration and sadness. To incarcerate them and deliberately inflict pain on them in the name of science is unacceptable. And not only are these experiments cruel to animals, they are also potentially harmful to people, because species differences mean that the results cannot reliably be extrapolated to humans.

Events will be taking place around the world to mark World Day for Animals in Laboratories. In the UK, a national march and rally will be held in London on Saturday 24th, with information stalls and speeches, including a speech by Animal Aid’s Director, Andrew Tyler. After a march through the centre of London there will be a protest and vigil at the site of the proposed biotech and virus research centre near St Pancras station, followed by a social event nearby.

For more information on the march, including details of transport from around the country, visit the World Day website or email the group

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