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Posted 2 September 1997

This month, campaigning group Animal Aid hits the high streets of 20 cities across the UK to ask people to carry their Humane Research Donor Card (HRDC) and help stop the needless slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals every year.

Animal Aid's HRDC signifies that the carrier is willing for parts of his/her body to be used in research after their death. Many prominent scientists have expressed support for the HRDC, and since its launch in 1991, around 375,000 cards have been distributed to the public.

Animal Aid's Director, Andrew Tyler, explained the tour's message:

"Hundreds of thousands of animals are killed every year, just to supply parts of their bodies for research. Yet it is well recognised that using human tissue would give more reliable and far more relevant results. Carrying the HRDC will show that there is support to stop this senseless waste of both animals' lives and valuable human tissue."

The tour runs from September 1 to 13 and will feature actors dressed as rabbits and carrying giant Donor Cards. Members of the public will be encouraged to carry the card and sign Animal Aid's petition in support of a nationwide network of human tissue banks. The petition will be presented to the Government at the end of the tour.

The HRDC tour will visit: Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Coventry, Derby, Durham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ipswich, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Portsmouth and Swansea.

Later this year, Animal Aid will publish the results of a major survey into the availability of human tissue. The group will review the current supply and demand shortfalls - and also present a dossier on the extent of cruelty involved in obtaining animal tissue.

Notes to Editors

  • Further information available from: Andrew Tyler, Becky Smith or Gillian Egan on 01732 364546. Outside office hours: 0421 326329.
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