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New MEP bulletin presenting case for non-animal research

Posted 2 December 2009

The field of non-animal biomedical research is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Old-fashioned animal tests look slow, unreliable and cumbersome by comparison. And yet, the message hasn’t got through to Europe’s legislators. This much has become apparent as Animal Aid - in collaboration with several other national anti-vivisection groups - has pressed its case during the current process to rewrite Directive 86/609, the law governing vivisection across the EU. To strengthen our lobbying effort, Animal Aid has produced a new e-mail newsletter featuring the latest developments in non-animal medical research, combined with examples of the human health problems caused by reliance on animal data. Each bulletin will offer six or eight succinct, easily digestible but fully referenced examples, with the aim of making a positive, cumulative impact. It will be sent regularly to all MEPs and UK MPs.

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