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Posted 20 April 2009

Regular site visitors will know that the Directive governing animal research throughout the European Union – Britain included – is currently being updated. The process offers no realistic opportunity to eliminate all use of animals, which is Animal Aid’s objective, but it does provide a chance to reduce the numbers used and to limit suffering.

Depressingly, a key EU parliament committee (Agriculture) has produced a series of proposals that dramatically weaken the draft Directive that was on the table. If adopted, the committee’s plans would: reduce the scientific justification needed to experiment on monkeys; delay indefinitely the European Commission’s proposal to stop the trapping of wild monkeys; allow animals to suffer ‘severe and prolonged’ pain; and end the need to obtain formal authorisation or licensing for the majority of experiments. A vote by all MEPs on these proposals is being held in early May. The outcome of the vote is crucial to the future of animal experimentation throughout the EU.

Please write as soon as possible to your MEPs. They are currently getting hundred of emails so have stopped reading them. But posted letters do count, especially individualised ones!

Please send a letter to each of your MEPs at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, as this is where they will be before the vote. The address is:
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European Parliament
Palais de l'Europe
Strasbourg Cedex

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