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Animal Aid in Oxford city centre to commemorate World Week for Laboratory Animals

Posted 21 April 2005
Pages from the Bad Ethics, Bad Science booklet

Sunday 24th April will bring to a close World Week for Laboratory Animals. Recognised by the United Nations as a week of international commemoration, it is a time in which people are asked to remember the pain and suffering caused to millions of animals in the name of science, and for the supposed benefit of humankind, and to join in with peaceful protests and events to help make their plight a thing of the past.

To tie in with World Week for Laboratory Animals, national campaign group Animal Aid is launching its new booklet on vivisection, entitled Bad Ethics, Bad Science. Campaigners from the organisation will be in Oxford city centre on Saturday 23rd April, from 1pm onwards, dressed in giant dog, monkey and rabbit costumes, offering copies of the booklet to the public free of charge.

Bad Ethics, Bad Science documents the harsh reality of animal testing, where mice, rats, dogs, cats and monkeys are deliberately exposed to toxic household and other chemicals, surgically mutilated in brain experiments, and killed in weapons development. It gives a comprehensive overview of the arguments, both scientific and ethical, against experimenting on animals, and proves that the only way medical research will truly progress is if the outdated and unreliable methodology of relying on animal data is replaced with rational, human-based studies.

Notes to Editors

  • Each year in the UK, approaching 3 million animals are used in experiments. Despite government pledges to reduce the total number of animals used, the figure is actually going up. From 2002 to 2003 (the latest figures available), there was a 2.4% rise in number of animals used, equating to 66,000 animals.
  • In March 2004, the government itself acknowledged, in a parliamentary answer, that it 'has not commissioned or evaluated any formal research on the efficacy of animal experiments' - nor has it any plans to do so.
  • A survey of GPs, published in August 2004, revealed that 80 per cent mistrust animal experiments.
  • André Menache, scientific consultant to Animal Aid, will be in Oxford on Saturday 23rd April. He is available for interview on the day. Advance interviews can also be arranged. Please telephone Claudia Tarry at Animal Aid on 01732 364546 ext 28 to arrange.
  • Animal Aid supports the campaign against Oxford University’s proposed new animal research laboratory.
  • Download Bad Ethics, Bad Science here (PDF).

  • A hard copy of the new booklet is available on request from Animal Aid.
Pages from the Bad Ethics, Bad Science booklet

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