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Oxford builders back out

Posted 20 July 2004
Mouse being used in Botox tests

Statement in response to the announcement by Montpellier that it is giving up work on the proposed Oxford animal research centre

Animal Aid welcomes the news that Montpellier, the building company contracted to construct a new animal research laboratory at Oxford University, has pulled out of the project. We only wish its decision had been driven by a realisation that the proposed centre will cause immense suffering to a large number of animals, while producing no medical benefits for people.

Animal Aid is thoroughly committed to non-violent, non-intimidatory campaigning, as are the vast majority of animal rights advocates. The broad commitment to non-violence is made evident by our deep disgust at the kind of Home Office-sanctioned cruelty that takes place in animal labs, such as those proposed for Oxford. That animals are deliberately poisoned, surgically mutilated, deprived of food and water is bad enough. That such torments are claimed to point the way towards cures for human diseases is a primitive and vicious falsehood.

More and more scientists are beginning to question the validity of animal experiments - but these same individuals are reluctant to 'come out', for fear of the impact this would have on their career prospects. Quite simply, animal experiments have become an ingrained habit, with scientific careers and reputations established on the back of them.

Some early media reports suggested that no experiments would take place at the new Oxford University unit - it would be for housing animals only. But this attempt at misinformation was exposed by careful scrutiny of the plans submitted to the local authority. Oxford needs, in future, to deal straight with the public. Moreover, it needs to abandon its fixation on the 'animal model' and commit itself to modern, human-centred scientific methods of research.

Andrew Tyler
Director, Animal Aid

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