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Victory! More than Half of Euro Parliament Calls for Primate Ban

Posted 7 September 2007

You've done it! Constant campaigning and awareness raising initiatives have shown that public opinion is firmly in favour of a ban on the use of primates in experiments. And our MEPs listened.

On 5 September, we broke through the magic 393 number of MEPs needed to sign the Written Declaration calling for a ban on the use of Great Apes (such as chimpanzees) and all wild-caught primates in experiments, and a phase-out of experiments on all primates.

But it didn't stop there. By the end of the deadline at midnight on 6 September, 429 MEPs had signalled their support for the ban. Now, this will be made the official position of the European Parliament.

This is a massive achievement and is the vital first step in the long and complex process of trying to accomplish an actual ban on using primates in experiments. There are several more stages of legislative process and it is of paramount importance that we keep up the pressure on the various committees who will debate the issue and draft the new Directive.

We will keep you informed every step of the way via our website and E-News, and let you know what you can do next to help.

Thank you to everyone who lobbied their MEPs and asked friends and family to do likewise. You have made history.

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