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25 August: Day of Action for Primates

Posted 6 August 2007

The new legislation that will determine welfare for animals in labs is still proceeding and our campaign to free primates also continues! A Written Declaration in Brussels, which calls for a ban on the use of wild caught monkeys and great apes, as well as a phase-out of the use of all monkeys, has attracted widespread political support. So far, 296 MEPs have signed it, making it one of the most well-supported Written Declarations in recent years. This gives us increased hope, and fresh impetus to campaign harder than ever.

We must keep the pressure on politicians so they know the strength of feeling held by their constituents, and to do that we must reach those people! Leafleting or setting up a street stall are good ways to do that.

Please support this action on (or around) 25th August and order leaflets, petitions, campaign postcards and posters today. Email or call the Animal Aid office, letting us know which resources you need and where to send them, and they will be despatched to you immediately.

Your help is invaluable and could help create a law that frees primates from a life of suffering and hopeless misery in the labs.

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