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Arrested: the price of questioning vivisection

Posted 15 June 2007

A number of peaceful animal rights activists are reported to have been physically and forcefully ejected from Cheltenham town hall for asking the ‘wrong kind of questions’ at a talk given by the Oxford University vivisector, Tipu Aziz.

The debate - part of the Cheltenham Science Festival - was sponsored by major drug companies and pro-vivisection bodies, such as Pfizer, The Wellcome Trust and the Medical Research Council. Anti-vivisection activists attended the festival (by purchasing tickets for the event) in order to put questions to Tipu Aziz about his Deep Brain Stimulation experiments on primates. What happened next shows the extent to which the pro-vivisection lobby wants to suppress debate, and how they enlist the help of the authorities to do so.

Read the report about what happened on the day.

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