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End Primate Experiments In Europe

Posted 1 September 2006

European Union Directive 86/609 is being revised. This Directive applies to animals in laboratories and is the template upon which all member states base their laws. In the UK, the relevant law is the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

This revision of the Directive presents an opportunity to improve the lives of animals in laboratories. Sadly, Directive 86/609 does not offer any possibility of a total ban on the use of all animals but it does present an opportunity to end the use of primates.

Animal Aid has joined other leading animal protection organisations in calling for a Europe-wide ban on the use of primates in experiments.


While there are important similarities between humans and non-human primates, there are also huge differences. Chimpanzees, who share 98 per cent of our DNA, are essentially immune to AIDS, hepatitis B and common malaria - diseases that kill millions of people every year. According to a number of scientific reports, primate testing falls far short of protecting human health.


Monkeys are poisoned to death in drug 'safety' tests and are deliberately brain-damaged during the study of neurological disorders. Symptoms include retching and vomiting, uncontrollable diarrhoea and tremors. They have electrodes implanted in their heads, can be denied food and water and are often made to perform frustrating, repetitive tasks.

Some will be killed after a single experiment; others are made to endure procedure after painful procedure in ongoing studies lasting for years.

You Can Help!

The legislation will take many months to pass. During that time, there is much we can do to lobby for the best possible outcome for animals.

  • Order copies of our leaflet End Primate Experiments in Europe and distribute to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues.
  • Read our detailed report The case for an EU ban on primate experiments or order copies of it by emailing
  • Order an A2 Primate Experiments poster for street stalls or to put in your window. Call 01732 364546
  • Using the information in the leaflet and report, write to your local newspaper explaining why experiments on primates must end.
  • Contact your MP and MEPs, expressing your concerns about experiments on primates.
  • Visit the Action Alert section of our website regularly to see how you can help end the use of primates in experiments.

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