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Posted 6 August 2006

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After 20 years, the EU law that governs animal testing across Europe and the UK is being revised. European Directive 86/609 EEC, which applies to animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes, is the legal template on which all EU member states base their national laws. In the UK, the relevant law is the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986.

The European Commission has invited experts and members of the public to submit their views on this new Directive through two online consultation forms. The deadline for both is August 18th. Please take a few minutes and complete the simple questionnaire.

Over recent weeks, Animal Aid has discussed 86/609 with other animal protection groups in the UK and, together, we have identified four key areas within the consultation where we hope we can gain real benefits for animals. Sadly, this Directive is not an independent enquiry into the efficacy of animal experiments, nor does it offer a total ban - something that Animal Aid unequivocally campaigns for - but it offers the chance to improve standards for millions of animals, and we cannot let this opportunity pass us by.

The four key areas where we hope to see improvements are:

  • a ban on the use of primates
  • greater transparency, including the publishing of failed studies
  • an end to the experiments that cause the greatest suffering
  • a specified and targeted reduction of the number of animals used

At Animal Aid, we have spent many hours poring over the expert consultation form, trying to give the best possible response to their cumbersome and often illogical questions. We are now in the final stages of working through this 72-page document and we will submit our response very soon.

Now, we need you to complete the public questionnaire, which is, thankfully, less complex and a lot shorter than the expert form. It should take you just 5-10 minutes to complete and we urge you to do so immediately, and ask your friends and family to do the same. Click here to complete the questionnaire.

While Animal Aid works towards a complete ban on all animal experiments, we hope this new Directive will ease the suffering of many animals incarcerated in laboratories. Please take the time to complete the form.


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13 Tick 3, 5, 6, 8, 9
14, 15, 16 - your personal experience
17 No, certainly not
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