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End Animal Experiments - free pack available

Posted 6 July 2006

Animal experimentation is big news this year: the TGN1412 disaster that led to six human volunteers suffering organ failure; the proposed animal research facility at Oxford University: the Pro-Test rallies publicised far beyond all proportion for their size; and the Early Day Motion, signed by over 140 MPs that calls for an independent enquiry into the efficacy of animal experiments. These events and more have placed the issue of vivisection firmly onto the political and public agenda.

Our updated End Animal Experiments pack offers useful information about this subject and suggests many ways in which you can help speed the end of this unethical and outdated research methods. The booklet, Bad Ethics, Bad Science covers the main issues and is fascinating to read. It arms you with all the arguments you need when doing street stalls or educating friends and family. In the pack, we have also included a new brochure - Human Tissue Research - that gives positive information about how we can all help reduce animal experiments by donating our brains and other tissues to science after death.

The pack also contains information about Oxford University and the shocking experiments conducted there. Petitions and suggested letters on the subject allow you to help the campaign to halt this building project.

The End Animal Experiments packs are free of charge. Order a copy by calling 01732 364546, emailing

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