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VIVISECTION INCREASE - Latest statistics

Posted 1 September 2001

Genetic experiments on animals continue to fuel an increase in the overall number of vivisection 'procedures'. The Home Office figures for 2000 show a 58,000 (2.2.%) rise in all experiments to a total of 2.71 million.

The 2000 increase was wholly accounted for by a 70,000 (14%) rise in experiments on genetically altered animals compared with the previous year. They now total 582,000 - more than a fifth of all experiments.

The total number of animals used in 2000, as opposed to experiments conducted, was 2.64 million - an increase of 74,000 on 1999. Rats, mice and other rodents were used in 800f these 'procedures', with fish and birds used in 14%.

The Home Office refuses to publish details of the number of animals who go straight from vivisection breeding units to incinerators - destroyed as surplus; nor of the vast numbers bred and junked in genetics experiments. Another 'disappeared' category are animals bred and killed so that their body parts can be in test tube studies.


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